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April 7th, 1-4pm


Giving birth is a divine act.  It is sacred and primal and illuminating.  It can also be intense, complicated, and traumatic.


As we birth babies, we also engender our own transformation as mother.  Everything can change and often does. 

A vital part of integrating this profound experience is to share our birth story.  No matter how complex or off plan it was.

The stories we tell have immense power.  Power to heal.  Power to unify.


Guided by a writing coach mama who has been working with mothers and their birth stories for years.  Participants will share and connect in a safe space.  Focus will be on shepherding each person's story into writing.


Join us for this lovely and empowering workshop. 



Birth Stories

  • Ali Lawrence, a published poet, coaches writers into their realized selves.  Her work helping mothers craft their own birth stories led to the creation of Bear Tales.  Check out all this amazing wordsmith does on her website.



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