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March 21st, 1-4:00pm


Living in the present world has been intense lately.  We are barraged by negativity, sensationalized news, too much stimulus, and a high paced accessibility with technology.


We are constantly trying to build capacity within ourselves to handle this.


Mostly we do this by returning over and over again to the people and things we love.  Sunsets, puppies, dinner with friends, exercise, good books, dancing, our children, hobbies, passions, nature, etc.  Fill in the next 20 blanks with things you love..... At our best, we cultivate joy in ourselves and in those around us.


This workshop is a lovely cocoon of delight which you can draw positivity from at any time.


We are allowing our hearts to stretch wide and encircle the things that light us up inside.  This joyfulness produces a kind of warmth to bask in.


We are not striving for an idealized future as one might with a vision board.   This work is gentler and kinder and highly intuitive.


We will use the Spring Equinox as an opportunity to focus on nurturing what would like to be born into being in the year ahead.


Take some time for yourself and join us.


All adults are welcome!



Dream Collage

  • Taught by the founder of School Of Wonder, Amy Schoneman.

    A long time educator and artist, Amy will guide you on an experience of using visual art as a means of connecting with and honoring the individual beauty of your life's path.

    See more at:

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