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Sunday, November 17th, 1-4:00 pm


A more in depth look at how the Enneagram can be used as a tool for better understanding your self and how you relate to everyone in your life.


In this workshop, we will explore the Enneagram Instincts ( Self Preservation, Sexual, and Social) and how they impact us personally and in our relationships.  This awareness will bring greater compassion, understand and empathy toward ourselves and with others.


No experience necessary.  Join us!


"You can create a seismic shift in your life through increasing your self-knowledge........From ancient times through today, this practice is the foundation for leading a life that is more creative, flexible, whole, effective, authentic, and content."  -Beatrice Chestnut, PhD

Enneagram Instincts & Relationships

  • Katie Gay & Jackie Priestly


    With over 20 years of coaching, sales, public relations and entrepreneurial experience, Katie Gay successfully delivers a pragmatic approach to coaching that addresses the integration of both the professional and the personal.​

    •  Certified Integral Coach, New Ventures West •  Certified Tilt 365 Coach​•  Certified Somatic Coach, Strozzi Institute •  Certified Family/Parent Coach​ •  Certified Enneagram Coach/Instructor •  Certified International Coach Federation (ICF)​

    Known for her engaging style, focused guidance and curious exploration, Katie customizes her work to address desired areas for growth such as leadership, communication, inter-personal issues,  emotional intelligence, career transitions and work-life balance.  She is married and navigating life as a soon to be empty nester;  she enjoys playing tennis, hiking with her two dogs and traveling in her spare time.


    Jackie Priestley has been working as a professional coach and facilitator for more than two decades. She is certified through the Center of Excellence, TonyRobbins Breakthrough Training and Working with Women programs.She uses the Enneagram system to bring self-­‐awareness, compassion and transformation in the workplace and in personal relationships. She leads The Excel Training program that supports self-­‐mastery in every life role.She has facilitated trainings on leadership, personal growth and development and communication. Jackie uses her innate compassion, wisdom and humor to support her clients. This work is herlife’s passion and her lifestyle. Working with Jackie is deep, meaningful, playful and patterns shift with ease.Jackie’s clients open to self compassion,clarify intention andtake inspired action.

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