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JUNE 16th.  1:00-4:00

As women we often experience unique and powerful transformations in our lives.  One of these is the miraculous ability to create life in our bodies.  This workshop will focus on honoring our fertility through working with clay. 

From our intentions to concieve, through pregnancy, and to motherhood, participants will be led on a journey to reflect, write, feel, and create clay figures representing these three phases of female life.

This work promises to be symbolic, but perhaps also figurative and literal for some as well.  It can be a chance to summon, to pay hommage, or to let go.  We will handbuild three clay pieces.


No clay experience is necessary!

All are welcome; people who are trying to get pregnant, mothers, grandmothers, people who are open minded, people who don't choose to have children, people who like to play with clay, etc.....



Fertile Female -Transformation in Clay

  • Amy Schoneman started to explore with feminine forms made of clay in her first ceramics class and has been enchanted ever since.  

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