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August 19th,  1:00 - 4:00pm


Discover the beauty and creativity of macrame.  Participants learn how to use macrame to encircle a treasured piece of stone/shell/crystal into custom wearable jewelry.


Feel free to bring your own flat coveted treasure.  We will have plenty on hand as well.


Class will be kept small to ensure lots of teacher attention for every person.


Don't miss this opportunity to work with master artist Celia Mei!


"Macramé comes from a 13th-century Arabic weavers' word migramah meaning "fringe". This refers to the decorative fringes on camels and horses which help, amongst other things, to keep the flies off the animal in the hot desert regions of northern Africa.

Another school of thought indicates that it comes from Turkish makrama, "napkin" or "towel", and was a way to secure the ends of pieces of weaving by using the excess thread and yarn along the top and bottom edges of loomed fabrics."  -wikipedia



Handmade Macrame Necklaces

  • Celia Mei



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