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August 5th.  1:00-3:00pm


Back by popular demand! 


The world needs more plants.  Let's make more together!  Do you wish for a garden full of plants but can't imagine buying that many?  Want more than succulents?  This is the workshop for you!


You will learn basic plant propagation techniques for expanding your plant collection easily and cheaply.  Hands on demos will allow you to gain a feel for taking cuttings.  Our focus will be on plants that are easy and reliably successful.  We will take a neighborhood walk visiting a garden allowing us to take cuttings.  Each participant will take home a flat full of cuttings and knowledge to last a lifetime!

Home Plant Propagation

  • John Russell has been propagating plants for 20 years.   What started as a love of California natives has evolved to filling gardens, local parks and schools with a variety of plants propagated at home!  


    John is also the founder + president of WaterSprout- a greywater/rainwater company.


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