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July 28th, 1-4:00pm


Immerse yourself in a day of seasonal summer dyeing with fresh flora and foliage to create vivid eco-prints and dreamy colorful abstract visions.


Using primarily mother nature's summer offerings, with some lovely surprises thrown in, participants will learn the basic ins and outs of dyeing the natural way.  This workshop provides expert instruction in methods and materials, experimenting with various swatches, and culminates with a gorgeous silk scarf of your own creation.


One enchanting afternoon will provide you with the knowledge to dye clothing, bedding, tablewares, .....anything your heart imagines.


All plant materials are foraged, grown, or purchased from local Northern California farms.


Great for folks who want to feel connected to nature, for makers, for sewists, for people interested in clean living, for those who like to play!


Join us!

Natural Dyeing

  • Monica Medeiros is the owner and operator at Bricolage Press in Vallejo, California.

    She deals in Letterpress & Fiber as a printer, artist, and adventurer.


    Find the hard earned fruits of her labor:


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