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January 6th,  1-3:00pm


Start 2019 off with clarity and heart-centered purpose!


Maybe you are gladly saying goodbye to last year.  Maybe you are looking forward to something new.  Whether you are certain or utterly lost, New Year's Life Mapping will meet you where you are at.


The new year invites us to sense into ourselves, to listen to our innermost desires.  We will use what calls us deeply forward to set intentions for the year ahead.


Through some easy inquiry exercises we connect with our personal values and priorities.  The art of Life Mapping solidifies the vision you have for your life.  Perfectionism and fear have nothing to do with this process.  Open heartedness, creativity, and honesty guide the way.


Join us for this day of dreaming and designing.  All art supplies provided.


All adults are welcome!



Life Mapping for a New Year

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