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May 19th, 2-3:30pm


An essential workshop for all parents.


How do we teach our children about sex in these complex times?


Knowing the way we were taught will no longer cut it.  


Knowing leaving it to schools and the internet is not enough.


Join us for this insightful, honest, and truly helpful afternoon.  


Julia Feldman-DeCoudreaux, a sex education expert, will guide participants through the most important aspects of this work; body positivity, gender identity, mutual consent, holding high expectations for healthy relationships, and when ready, pleasurable, safe sex.


She will provide resources and research backed strategies, answer questions, and offer compassionate know-how.


No matter the age of your children, this experience will empower you to act with thoughtfulness and agency as you engage in this crucial part of parenting.


Open to all adults, specifically targeting parents, educators and caregivers.



How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

  • Julia Feldman, creator of @GivingTheTalk has been working with youth and adults for the past 15 years as a teacher, administrator, content specialist, writer, and all-around sexuality expert. She believes that sexuality is an important and dramatically misunderstood aspect of our complex identities and that most people have received flawed messages about their bodies, intimacy, sexuality, pleasure and risk that leave them dissatisfied and ill-informed.

    Her goal is to present a new narrative wherein sexuality is normal and healthy, where pleasure is central and prioritized, where consent and communication are expected and modeled, where access to information guides healthy decision-making, where stigma and shame are absent, and where curiosity and learning is continuous. When she's not working, she enjoys shopping for produce at her local farmer's market, building forts with her 3 year old, and dancing.


    You can find more about her valuable work on instagram:


    and on her website:



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