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September 23rd, 1-3:00 pm


Come delight in the world of whimsy as we create gorgeous wearable art.  These crowns can be worn for play, weddings, ceremonies, festivals, or just for fun!  


All materials will be provided.  Feel free to bring any special bauble, such as vintage or costume jewelry, (old broaches and orphaned earrings are great) to make your crown exceptionally unique.


Each individual crown can be sparse or lush, over the top or understated- it’s up to you and your inner fairy.  It’s also just a really lovely way to spend an afternoon.


Come play!


(Ages 5-9 are welcome with a paying adult.  Ages 10 and up and adults are welcome.)


Whimsical Crowns

  • Thea Juniper Taylor is an artist, mother, bodyworker, and a lifelong fairy enthusiast. Her love for whimsy is born out of her love for nature, the awe and wonder of the beauty all around us.

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