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July 29th, 1-3:00 pm

Friendship bracelets are the perfect way to spend a slow afternoon talking and making with your friends.


You will learn the basic technique for creating these beautiful bracelets, as well as some more advanced patterns for those who are wanting a challenge.  


These bracelets originated with Central and South American Indians and became a form of political protest in the 1980's.  Now, in the United States, quite often these are made for friends and worn with love until they naturally fall off.  Some believe when they fall off your wish comes true.


All materials are provided.  So many beautiful colors to choose from.  Just bring youself and a friend!


Ages 10 and up.

Friendship Bracelets

  • Thea Juniper Taylor is an artist, mother, bodyworker, and a lifelong fairy enthusiast. Her love for whimsy is born out of her love for nature, the awe and wonder of the beauty all around us.

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